Saturday, January 26, 2008

3sketches and one Exaggeration.

Most of the work is in my sketch book while the tonal one with the character sticking his hand and his fine succulent ass was a charactiture I did on the steps of union square.I'm headed to doing more color experiments and compositional studies so the next posts may not be as interesting.Some might be redundant.But it's to really grasps the concept of color and it's application.Effectively or ineffectively.I'll post some images of the ending of my film in the near future.Yes that's right it has been postponed at certain times due to income but steady income has cradled me for the time being.It's time to FINISH!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Other Sketches.

So I'm really getting into visual direction and designing space.As well as motion.Most of the drawings I'll be posting are all on commutes to work or possible work.I really have to hustle to find time nowadays.Right now I'm trainning to sell things to people door to door.It something I feel will prepare me for starting my own animation studio as well as manage my crew.People move up really fast in this company I'm working for.So I'll get a little bit of everything as far as experience.It can pay alot if I was just interested in making money but as long As I have money to eat. I'm going to have trouble with hours though 2.5 to and from 5 hours total.But now I know where I'm going so I don't have to pay attention to the terrain or landmarks.I just get car sick because of the bus movement.It'll definitley be a balancing act.

Until later.

The NewYorican!

So On my New years eve /New years day.I decided to got to the New Yorican to celebrate.I was there since 8pm really they opened at 9 but I was there only because over here things fill up fasts and I didn't want to take the chance.So there I was waiting in the cold waiting for it to start and most people diddn't even show up until 20 after 9.But I didn't care.I started drawing at around 9:30.Alot people were confused on what I was going to draw since I always have this weird way of starting off.I like to bring Everything together toward the end.I say about 10:50 11:00 Everybody was there.It was so crowded in this little place.People were bumping into me while I was drawing.Some really stop dancing to figure out what I was drawing.I don't know why everyone thought I did graffiti on the side.Oh side question A lot of people are telling me that I look alot older than my age.Please tell me it isn't true?So back to the NewYorican.Yeah so the actual drawing stopped at around 11:55pm.I went up and danced by myself fo alittle bit.Waited for the new tear and made my little mark on the drawing right on the new year.As Far as I know and I'm aware.It was the First Drawing Concieved on the new year and new years eve for the firt ever New Yoricans New Years holiday Bash or party.