Friday, December 21, 2007

My business card

Some design stuff I'm trying out.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Long overdue.

Wow times have been crazy.Stuggling hoping failing, suceeding, LIFE.Man I must say this is an experience I know I'll never forget.But Before I loose all of you.To the three guys who actually look at this site this ones about my experiences and an important aspect in the Freelancers/working artist career.That is Pace speed and accuracy.My whole time here in nyc it was never a factor wether I was a good enough animator.Never professionals would often flatter me and tell me that they could look at my work for hours or it was engaging.But because I'm used to working at my own pace and not a pace say something like 20 secs a week for finished limited animation I would actually be too expensive.Time is money.The faster the better.So right now I'm going to have measure myself accordingly.

Here are some records and standards in animation you all should keep in mind.Rember there are 16fms per foot

20-late-30s Ub Iwerks-700 drawings a day(all usable)

Disney standard 10-15ft a week about 240 frames

full animated performancegrand master(Milt Kahl GleneKeane) 30-60ft a week sometimes straight ahead

Louise Zigeralli 70ft a week 224 drawings a day!(look her work up)

Some Storyboarding paces 20-40 frames a day(drawn) clarity is key not clean.

I posted this because this is something I wish I was aware of college.Better late than never lol!