Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OLd boards...nearly a year later and the shows finely Complete

Here are some quick boards for the up and coming show Flip Flops. I did about a year ago for 10 ton productions.

Its scheduled to be release in the 2011 season..I'm so glad the show passed!!!The Final product looks Amazing.It's so cool to see something you specifically worked on translated into the small screen..To see the shots I worked on is a feeling that I truely can't describe...

Images 1-3..We start off at the school and kat shows her freind her little secret... and it in her pants. XD

Images 4-5..Here kat's freind is confronted by 2 girls whom confront her on kissing their boyfriends.But she's too clever and uses the library assistant as a scape goat..very sly of her

Images 6-9...Here we have a romance scene with Kat and Merlin...The first set is from an earlier part in the screen play where the tension is just building ever so slightly.