Sunday, September 9, 2007

The situational and emotional state of Jaron-Eugene?

Above are frames of the Film that is indeed coming to a finish.I'm beating myself up to get ready for the climax.I want it to be just right.It has to be, because my supply level of paper and pencils is dangerouslly low.But any way I'm guessing the animation should be done sometime in November.I'm strongly considering to color it.

Internships.We'll, it turns out that just because someone means that they like your work and they schedule an interview and cancel it only to tell you a week later on E-mail that the guy you wanted to intern with decided to go with the students.She did mention that she left me hangin.And I'm sure it was for good reason.But Damn I was a Month at least ahead of time.And to get something at the last minute is nothing short of insulting.But Maybe it was just the type of animation I presented.I'll probably never know.Besides,there were other studios that could't accept me or either just haven't responded to my e-mails.So at this point I was so frustrated.There were a good deal of people who believed that if I didn't get a job at least I would get an internship.I sometimes can get over letting myself down but not others when someone believes in you it something completely.

So yeah I was a Fuckin mess for about a day.I e-mailed John-D—you all should have seen the e-mail It really lifted the little spirits I had clinging despately and starvingly to my character.But yeah I'm headed in a new direction.I'm going to do it I'm going to work on developing this studio.I've Already recieved business advice an direction(THank you Candi) I'm so glad I took that class.So now All I have to do now is finish up this Film,work out the concepts,story for the next Film.This film will establish me is a capable,and innvetive artist as well as socialy conscience.Soon after the concept and storyboarding is done I'll work on test footage—hopefully I'll have a camera by then—oh yeah for the most part I don't even know what the ending is going to look lik for mmae?—but not to side track once the test footage is done I'll present it to the arts council.

Other than the above I'm just staying afloat.It so easy to sink when you graduate.And all ready I'm seeing it with cats I went to school with.So I'll keep drawing at the Nelson and I'll have to look for a part time job.It's so funny the minute I actually want to start speaking to people something comes up.Did you all get that?If you didn't just ask DeAndre he knows exactly what I mean. Oh I saw the most beautiful...

Until then cadets,Stay fresh work hard and persue.

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