Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jaron-Eugene in New York.

Well,the unthinkable has happened.I made it to New York.On top of that I got Lost 8 times.I one day.I'll probably won't take a train again.BUt of course back to the the juicy details.I did in fact get a Internship at plymptoons which was exactly part of the original plan.It changed later on during the summer but some how it re-manifested itself.He didn't talk much to me he was in the middle of animating.He's very tall.At least 6'4.I know I'm a short guy but damn it seemed like everybody was taller than me.But still I will proceed into stage two.Already in Here I was given 2 possibilities of animating or possible work with animation related work.One possibly a full length feature animation.The other being more of a Television related possibility.Right now I'm digitally painting for Bill Plympton's latest Feature I believe.Look on his website for more Details.I'm starting to get the hang of somewhat speed painting and cleanup.But I was told that it was a light load and would likely progress in intensity.It such a good experience to live and Breath this City.I think I fell in love with at least 20 women up here.I haven't even talked to them yet.Well I guess that's all I really have to say about whats up.As far as the Film I have to make a set up.I brought my peg bar now all I need is some tape and something hard to draw on.

OH! Thank You Jeremy and Patrick For commenting on my animation.It means A lot!Especially when it's coming from emmensly talented guys like you.You guys would kill it over here in New York.I'm not Just saying that.It's competitive but you guys got it.

In the Future I'll post more test.There's even a possibility with STORYBOARDS!

You know how it is?

Oh you don't?

That's Because it's Jaron-Eugene NY edition!(did I spell that right?)

I just saw a mouse...

New York


so Dirty.

In the Mean time I'll post more drawings.

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lilisa said...

this could be just some picked up crap fact but i heard from someone that read somewhere the reason why NY started street cleaning was because of all the bananas out in the street. i say bananas don't stay yellow forever fool! so it's probably a crap fact!