Friday, January 16, 2009

He LIVES!!!!!

I must apoligize for my extended absense lately I've been so caught up in my work that I've failed to keep in contact with freinds and family.I apologize for not being as considerate as to contact the very people whom have helped developed me as an artist and a person.

SO I present new work.
The more I sketch the more I realize how although I love creating movement and I love observing it to.But I like to capture a specific point in time.I think that's my self telling me that I'm leaning towards illustration.Funny.


jonathan.lane said...

Things are good. I've been busy as hell. I'm in the presence of talented and experienced people now, so things are as they should be. Please do contribute to the Fauxmo project if you'd like to - and take your time. I think your work is much better when it's not rushed.

Buster said...

The top drawing is boss, Jaron. Lookin' good, man. Lookin' good.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Jaron. Your hand piece is a couple hundred frames away from being magic. Yes indeed.
- Your friend, Jonathan B. Lyman