Monday, October 6, 2008

New Animation.TeXTy though.


jonathan.lane said...

this is a more focused approach to digital animation than most of your stuff, but as far as the text-motion-graphics-mk12-type stuff goes, breaking the flat plane will send this to a desirable place.

jonathan.lane said...

jaron, the gnomon crew is tight and a bit beyond my reach. give me a few years, alright?

however, i was lucky enough to find a place of employment in texas, working for a small company by the name of id Mobile. They're developing cell phone translations of id Software's classics, but they have me working on the concept/promotional side of things. I'm only an intern, but it looks like I'll be safe here for a good while, as they have me working on some long-term projects. It's a great job, I love it. I lucked out big time.

i'll keep coming with the critiques as long as you have something to look at.

Wellness Coach, Tiffanydenise said...

ok i see the progression of your work...keep it up :-)

Buster said...

Jon's right about the flat plane. It feels like a hinderence to what you could really do. The strength of your 2-d hand drawn work was the dimensionality that you gave it with the ever moving camera positioning and perspective. Try to explore those aspects in this stuff, dude.

Also, a character design that I finished recently kind of reminded me of you. It was not intentional, but if you ever grew a soul-patch and got contacts, it would BE you.