Thursday, September 18, 2008

BUsta Rhymes Character Design.

So There was an oppertunity that arrived.Apparently Busta Rhymes is thinking about doing or was in the process or is in the process of doing a music video with an animated version of himself being pulled out of his pockets.They wanted something on the lines of looney tunes.I did 3 different Interpretations.Enjoy!


jonathan.lane said...

It's been awhile, Jaron. How is it?

You should keep in touch with your fellow alumni! Maybe you'd be interested in doing a bit of collab? Hit me up, check out what we're doing at

My guess is you'd at least be interested to take a look-see.

Take it easy, chum.

Buster said...

Keep keepin' it REAL!

dtk1029 said...

no Buster!!! He talking about the real Busta... But, yeah. The sketch from the second panel definately has a little Busta feel to it. Plus he is a very animated man in reality lol. I would push the arm more, make them alittle bit larger and make him more top heavy lol

Al Prudic-Dennis said...


it was great to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. I'm doing alright for the most part. Still searching for work and all, though, staying bizzy on my own time. How's life treating you?

Wellness Coach, Tiffanydenise said...

good work