Thursday, August 28, 2008

ham and eggs


dtk1029 said...

Well well good job and your focused lol looks really good and clean. is this the modern jaron I been hearing about? I thought the stories where only myths and legends lol It seem you made such an impact in the animation department that the professor just can help but mension you!!! and it just the first week!!! You where more empled but they also mentioned ethian to??? competition!!!

dtk1029 said...

Dude can you check your setting I can respond to page directly? I only able to leave this message because I bookmarked your page a couple days ago. lol

But, yeah man school going good. Just trying to stay focus and somewhat excuse myself from the group at times so I really focus on my senior project.By the way how is NY animation scene going??? and how your fine sister doing? lol Tell her country boy said hello lol.

I think I just about found the concept to my senior thesis, which is the on going battle for inner peace and unity with in a individual and his environment. The animation is basically going have a figure with an african mask on who is mediating on this huge oak tree that is towering above the heaven. The mediating figure controlling this " object" while he mediate. Then suddenly he loses control and regains it again once more. This battle of regain and losing control of the object continues until he finally loses control and senses something approaching him. The main character leaps off the huge tree free falling and attacks the creature that is disrupting his connection with him self and nature. Basically a battle starts and the main character is aided by this huge oak tree and he defeats this other character. then the main character goes back up to the tree and mediate once again. Still flushing out something in the story but I have the character design finished for the main character and I concept art for the environment. I just confused on how I what the antagonist to look and be portrayed. I am also thinking about how they are going to fight and move. I been really concious about fluidity and smooth movement in animation. And now I finally have the chance to experiment and tests something . Screw stiffness and there tons of abstraction in movement and frames.

If you read all of this hit me when ever you get the chance later man.

dtk1029 said...

man I have really grammar and sentence structure lol just read over the message I sent you.

Wellness Coach, Tiffanydenise said...

this is cute :-)