Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sketches From NY!

Here are some sketches I did.Some are actually interesting.Others are okay.For a week now I've been frustrated because I'm trying to change my approach.I made some sketches that I'll probably won't post.They were more vertical than usual.Right now I'm trying to eliminate as many lines as I can so that it doesn't take away from the picture.Oh and I've Finally got back to animating after a 4 week Hiatus.I did more observing and hopefully you'll see the new Direction.I want it to be so New and convincing.I want to draw the viewer in even more toward the end.I should have the rest of it shot within 2 months But I do Have my Fingers crossed.It'll be done Before the Entries for International erotic Film festival shows up thats a Definate.Oh and I'm working on 5 illustrations 5 ways to Destroy a Black man is the theme.Let's see if I can portray this in an unmistakable yet unique fashion.

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dtk1029 said...

I really like your sketch and movement in your figures as well dynamic personality and facial expersion you give them, good job!!! It about time you post those baseball pic up, how long did it take you to draw them???and you said NY is dirty???I would like to know info on your race film,ASAP so hit me up. Also I changed my film from Hip Hop and race, to a inner battle and stress of daily and burdens. Tell me what you think anout it when I post it up on my blog that I just made 5 minutes ago, also have you gottin your graduation papers yet, because I forgot to tell you the had them custom made like last month, they look pretty good so hopefully they didnt fuck you over and forget to mail them to you, if so tell me so I can rip some one a new hole, ps I cant wait to graduate and see all the competition, as well as see all the women and high level martial arts around the planet. PEACE